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rene wirtz is an amateur photographer who, for his job as a real estate software consultant, travels to different locations within the united states and canada. before he moved to the usa he used to travel all over europe when he lived and worked in rotterdam, the netherlands, hence there are pictures of various european cities in his portfolio. his travel gives him the chance to take along his camera and venture out to, mostly, urban areas. this coincides with his preferences and interests, because they are with architecture, cityscapes and urban (re-)development.

below are links to his blog and different galleries in rene's portfolio. some of these will be updated regularly. read the disclaimer regarding activex content on this website.


2015-365, 2014-365 and 2013-365: the current year's project for which a new picture will be added each day this year, and the two previous year's projects.

the quintessential series and experimental stuff: stereotypical location shots and pictures that are out of rene's comfort zone.

around the world and around the us: there's much more inside these galleries, the around the us one is even divided into 3 pages!

#weirdrushtrips2014 and #weirdroadtrip2013, and #weirdeurotrip2012: highlights from our three rush trips in 2014, our #epic 2013 road trip, and our 2012 family vacation to europe.

weddings and honeymoon: fyi, rene is not for hire as wedding photographer.

denise and rene's honeymoon photo & journal book is published for sale, if you would so desire.

follow the likes and interests on rene's notepad, infrequently updated.

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